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Managing your computer passwords

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Managing your computer passwords

Postby backman » March 12th, 2013, 8:28 pm

Here's a handy tip for those of you who manage multiple computers. I run server 2008 and 4 pc and while I'm logging onto the network thru that account I also have to have local login to each computer plus bios passwords for each machine.

So you can see the passwords start mounting up. I used to put them in a spreadsheet but that has some security issues so here is a tip rom an IT client ...

SplahsID a great app that is cross platform and has a desktop version for syncing. It's not cheap but has saved me on numerous occasions from web logins to credit card pins all secure with master code or pattern unlocking.

Check out the link below, make the investment, use it for all your web logins, computer logins all your personal details makes life much easier than the one password for all scenario

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